STEP ONE:  Hold a District Oratorical Festival.

The District Oratorical Festival may take place any time during April.  The District may determine whether the festival will be in-person and live (socially distanced),  via Zoom, or via video submission.

STEP TWO:  Register District Finalists.

The District may advance 2 speakers per division (junior and senior) to the Metropolis festival. The District Chairperson will then come to this site and complete the form (below).

Only the District Chairperson may register the district finalists, on or before
Saturday, May 1 (Holy Saturday).

The District Chairperson will need the following information to complete this form:

District Name
JUNIOR Speaker 1 and 2:  Name, Parish and City, Parent/Guardian Name, Email, and Phone
SENIOR Speaker 1 and 2: Name, Parish and City, Parent/Guardian Name, Email, and Phone

STEP THREE:  Parish finalists upload their oratorical video

Each speaker’s parent or guardian will be sent a password-protected link to upload the speaker’s oratorical video for judging at the Metropolis level on Bright Monday, May 3. The Metropolis results will be broadcast at a live Zoom event on Saturday May 15, at which time all metropolis-level speakers will be introduced and acknowledged.