This information applies to District Chairpersons in Eastern California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest, and Southwest (not Bay Area). 

STEP ONE:  Communicate with parish chairpersons.  Instruct them to visit this site and follow the instructions at “For Parish Chairpersons.” and have their speakers visit this site and follow the instructions at “For Speakers.”

STEP TWO:   Secure judges (they may be outside of your District due to remote nature of your video-submission festival.)  On April 18 (the day after the parish finalists video submission deadline of April 17), the metropolis will send you links to two private video galleries – one with your junior speakers and one with your senior speakers.  It is your task to communicate the appropriate link to with your judges, as well as any instructions, judging forms, etc.  You will manage your own scoring process and any judges’ deliberation meeting.   

STEP THREE:   District level finalists must be determined on or before May 8. The District Chair will submit finalist information to the Metropolis using the form (below).  Districts will handle the announcement of finalists, and any introduction of speakers, judges, etc. however they wish, prior to the Metropolis Festival on May 15.  

Since speakers will have already submitted their video speeches for  judging in your District Festival, your speakers will not need to resubmit anything.  The video of your finalist will automatically move into judging at the metropolis level.