Four Easy Steps for Speakers

1) Let your parish Chairperson know that you are planning to participate.  Find out whether it will be in-person, by Zoom, or by video submission.

2) Register at the archdiocese on this form.

3) Select a topic from here: and prepare your speech.  Be bold! Speak the truth in love  (Eph 4:15)!

4) If you are submitting by video to your parish or district festival, please follow these guidelines: 

Video Guidelines for Speakers: 

As with the in-person format, the focus will be the speech and the speaker’s delivery. Please observe the following suggestions:

    • Film the speech holding the video device in a landscape/horizontal position.
    • Try to keep the background simple. (Example: a painted wall or a closed door)
    • Do not add any video effects.
    • State your division and topic number and read the topic before beginning the speech. (Example: “Senior Division, Topic #2, ………..)
    • Use the following greeting: “Brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet you!”
    • Not including your introduction in the previous two bullet-points, the remaining content must be within the specified time limits:  3-4 minutes for Junior division, 4-5 minutes for Senior division.  Points are deducted for being too short or too long.
    • Do not make any identifiable personal references such as naming yourself, your priest, your city or your parish.
    • Dress in church attire.

Parish finalists in these Districts will be asked to submit a video of their speech prior to April 17:  Southern California, Eastern California, Pacific Northwest, Southwest.  Your Parish Chair will submit parent contact information for each parish finalist after the parish festival has been completed.  Parents of finalists will receive an email with a link to submit video on April 5.  Videos must be submitted no later than April 17.