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Oratorical Festival Overview

2023 Timeline Parish Festivals – March:  Parishes may choose to hold their St. John Chrysostom Festivals in any modality they wish, whether live in-person, live Zoom festivals, or video submission festivals.  Parishes have until March 31st  to complete their parish festival. District Festivals – Live in person during April:  District Festivals will take place live […]

For Speakers – 2023

Three Easy Steps for Speakers 1) Let your parish Chairperson know that you are planning to participate.  Find out whether it will be in-person, by Zoom, or by video submission. 2) Register at the archdiocese on this form. 3) Select a topic from here: and prepare your speech.  Be bold! Let light shine out of […]

For Parish Chairpersons-2023

The Parish Oratorical Festival may take place any time before April.  The parish may determine whether the festival will be in-person and live (socially distanced), via Zoom, or via video submission.